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Fingerlings Untamed Review

Fingerlings Untamed …..where do I start ?!

First of all welcome back to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read my review. Chances are if your reading this you’ve got children a similar age and will of already heard of the product and would like to see if its worth it .

We were kindly sent one of the fingerlings untamed , much to the boys delight ! Our boys are 9 and 6 and I would say the 6 year old enjoyed it much more and enjoyed playing with him including his other dinosaurs , we had already seen this product in a number of shops and the boys had added to there Christmas list as they had always liked the look of the fingerlings but they were very girlie so we were over the moon to find these ones !

boys and dinosaur (2)

The fingerling we have is called RAZOR he has a beige tummy and is black ,purple and green camouflage , perfecting for using to sneak up on your big bro ! He has 40 different sounds which I personally think is fab for such a small toy ! These toys are advised for age 5 years and up and I think that’s perfect as they do have fiddly fingers and toes so not great for younger ones who would maybe chew it !

These retail usually around £14.99 or £15 depending on the retailer which is brilliant for Christmas presents and if family members maybe want to get gifts they can collect them all! I have inked a few sites where these can e purchased ( none of these are affiliate I just thought this would be helpful )

Amazon Fingerling 

Argos Fingerling Untamed

Smyths Fingerlings


boys dinosaur

I asked both boys there favourite part of the toy and there least favourite and here are there answers ( as I thought best coming from the ones that use it !)

 9 Years old – Favourite part –  That it blinks turns it head and it can be hung upside down 

9 Years old – Least Favourite-  That it doesn’t talk like us . 

6 Years old – Favourite Part – That it Roars 

6 Years old – Least Favourite – That it doesn’t Fly 

9 Years overall score out of 10     – 9/10

6 Years Overall Score out of 10 –  6/10


Overall I would say this toy is most definitely worth the money and would make a fabulous Christmas present the boys have had a really good time playing with him and testing him to his limits to make sure he does actually make 40 sounds !!


Thanks For reading our review of the fingerlings untamed .






2 thoughts on “Fingerlings Untamed Review

  1. Great review, we love fingerlings too, I never knew they had a dinosaur range out. But Krystabelle’s all about the pinks and the purples.
    I burst out laughing reading your 9 year olds least favourite part. If only all toys could talk eh. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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