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A Cake through our letterbox !


boys with cake

Where do I start with this amazing product !

We were kindly sent a letter box cake from the lovely company bakerDays the cake received had been especially designed for our Halloween Party and  as so much cake and sweets were eaten that night we shared the cake with the boys the day after, much to their delight after they got out of the bath for their supper to see a surprise cake waiting for them ! It was the perfect end to our celebrations. The we received was 5″ and came in a tin inside a post-box so perfect for sending to someone as a gift or just to make someone’s day ! Who doesn’t love cake ?


The cake we received starts at £14.99 on their website which I have liked here bakerDays Website additional items and changes to the type of cake do affect the price but the website is brilliant and really user-friendly.

The cake arrives in a gorgeous tin ( something that can be reused for all sorts ) I loved this because it meant less packaging and more recycling !

For a 5″ inch we shared it out brilliantly, he boys had a slice with their supper and then some as their dessert the next day and then we also took this too my sisters and me her and my niece shared some more with a cup of tea , and then on to my mums to share a piece with her ! Fabulous right ?

sharing cake.jpg

The cake itself was beautifully made and tasted amazing , My sister makes wedding cakes so she was definitely the person to send it for the taste test and she absolutely loved it ! y little girl penny is almost 8 months old and as you can see from the photo below she enjoyed the cake just as much as the rest of us !


I love that with the amount of choice and designs they offer  any day becomes a day for cake ! They also offer personalised photo balloons to go with the cakes , perfect for all occasions , especially things like first Christmas which is something we’ll be celebrating this year !

A guide to the cake sizes and the ingredients tot he one we received I have included below and also a link to the ingredient page is here bakerDays Ingredient Page

cake descrition .png

(Credit bakerDays )

Overall as a family we thoroughly enjoyed the cake and would rate our cake  10 out of 10 or 1 million out of 10 as our 6-year-old said ! I actually forgot to get a picture of the cake in the tin the boys opened it that quickly and took it out they were so excited !

This cake was sent to us as a gift in exchange for a review. But as always all words descriptions and pictures our own and our own opinions.



We hope you enjoyed reading and hope we have inspired you to pop over to the website and send someone a cake to make their day !

A huge thank you to bakerdays you made the boys day ( and Penny’s !)

You can purcahse a cake direct through their website and you can also find them on 3 social media platforms ( I have linked below )










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