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Has the Whisbird helped us ?

Hi guys and welcome back !

Today’s review I will be sharing with you all our experience of using our Whisbird from Whisbear.

I won’t bore you all with what we’ve been up to over the festive period ( I’ll keep that for another day) and get straight into what we thought.

So we have been extremely lucky with Penny from being born she was a good sleeper and always went 3/4 hours for a feed and then at 7 weeks started sleeping through 7pm-7am which I’m not going to lie has been fabulous and I am fully aware we probably won’t ever get another baby that good!

So when Penny became poorly a few months ago with the usual cold teething issues etc, her routine at bedtime kind of went out of the window , I started cuddling her to sleep and only putting her down once asleep (which was something we’d never done she is super good at self settling ) we had a weekend away and again routine went out of the window. Once she was all back to her normal self , I completely naively expected her to just go back to how she was ! And oh how wrong I was ! I started to place her in her cot as I always had done and she screamed as if scared , started to wake in the night for a feed ,I was totally lost ! Nothing we did seemed to work!

When the opportunity arose to test the Whisbird I was delighted!

It arrived in a lovely box and also has a strap to attach it to the Pram ,Cot etc , it’s fairly small in size so perfect for travelling and days out. It comes in 4 colours, light blue,turquoise,pink and red, we went for Red which I love. It requires 3 AAA batteries and it’s ready to go!

The whisbird plays punk noise which is much better than white noise as it is gentler. It is machine washable once you remove the noise device inside. Which as a mum you’ll know is a must! And it also doubles as a sensory toy ! Penny has loved the crinkly wings!

So… did it go I hear you asking.? Does she sleep or is it another one that doesn’t help ?

I can happily tell you It is amazing!!! From the first night having the Whisbird in her cot she has gone back to self settling and sleeping though ! I absolutely adore everything about the product, the look,the feel,the noise it makes everything !

At £29.99 it is a perfect price for a gift for anyone that is expecting! They won’t know how to thank you!

The Whisbird was gifted to me in exchange for a review but all words and opinions are based on. My own use of the product and not influenced in anyway.

Thank you so much for reading !




Xtrem Bots Smart Bot !

WE were very kindly sent an Xtrem Bot Smart bot for the boys to review.

As always the reviews are our own and not influenced in anyway. 

As soon as the boys opened this parcel from Wire Pr they were over the moon, Jack especially at 9 years old absolutely loves remote control toys and likes to work out everything they do. so the fact this one had over 20 functions and able to programme 50 actions at once was the perfect toy for him ! 

The robot is targeted at age 5 years and above and I think this is perfect as it was fairly simple enough for Bobby at 6 to be able to lay with on a basic scale chasing penny around the living room with it in her walker was his favourite ! I shared some videos over on my instagram of him doing this which everyone loved ! 

When it came to Jack playing with the robot he studied the instruction booklet and managed to try each of its functions the only thing they both said would improve the product was if it could talk and was voice activated, kids are a hard bunch to please aren’t they ! 

The robot itself comes with a USB charger so we charge ours of the main desktop computer but anything you have with a USB port works too. The remote pad requires 2 batteries. This was a huge plus point for me as a parent as so many of children’s toys nowadays require batteries and you can always guarantee on that rainy day when they want to play with everything the batteries have ran out !!

Overall I would say this is brilliant toy and would make an excellent Christmas present if your struggling for last minute ideas ! currently retailing on Amazon for £29.99

Thanks for taking the time to read our review



Perfect Prep review

Hi guys and welcome back to my Blog.

Today I am going to review the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night machine.

This product was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced.


When Penny was born in March this year I had heard so many mixed reviews about the Perfect prep , including a no go review from my midwife. So me and my other half decided against it and that we would just make bottles up as we went. This worked for us and we totally managed, but that thought was always there whenever I saw the product in the shop as should we shouldn’t we,and I know to many people its quite a large chunk of money to pay when babies accessories can already cost such a lot !

When Tommee Tippee asked me if I would review this product i felt like it was the perfect time to try it and either confirm my fears or fall in love.

And Fall in love I did ! The machine is completely and utterly amazing! It makes life at home (especially when you have more than one child ) super easy and less time consuming ! I first shared the product on my stories via Instagram and received a lot of positive comments straight away telling me how brilliant the new model is.

We were sent the perfect prep in Grey which is fabulous and goes with our room perfectly as I have decided to keep the machine upstairs now Penny’s a bit older it get more use at bedtime and first thing on a morning. They also sent us some of the 150ml new anti colic bottles in the lovely turquoise colour which I absolutely adore and have since bought more (I think I have an actual bottle and dummy habit ).

So basically with the machine when you first set it up it has a super easy instruction booklet with step by step on how to perform the initial cleaning procedure (please be patient with this it does take about 10 minutes but so worth it) after this its ready  make a bottle following the steps below. (everything is prompted on screen, and have a large container at hand to run the water into.

Step 1- Select from the screen the size feed you want ( from 4oz-11oz )

Step 2 – Add formula powder( always read instructions on the tub for each brand ) we use Aptamil.

Step 3- Placebottle on stand ( adjustable )

Step 4 – Machine adds hot shot – you then add lid and shake

Step 5-  Place bottle back on stand and press middle button

Step 6 – Machine adds cool water

Step 6 – Shake and ready to serve bottle


It is literally as easy as that !!

Penny loves to sit and watch the water come out and get excited seeing her milk being made.

Available to purchase at

Thank you Tommee Tippee for creating such a brilliant product we absolutely love it and would definitely recommend to new parents !



Meet Another Amazing Mum Blogger

Hi everyone, I’m Ria a working boy mum to 2 toddlers Naeem 2 and Rayan 1. I live in London and I blog & vlog about all things motherhood and lifestyle related and everything in between. I look forward to interacting with you on my social media accounts so be sure to follow & subscribe 🙂

So let’s get straight into the questions

1. How old were you when you had your first child? 27

2. What was the hardest thing about being pregnant for 9 months? Depends if we’re talking about my 1st pregnancy or my 2nd pregnancy lol. 1st pregnancy was mainly just aches and not being able to get comfortable whilst trying to sleep. 2nd pregnancy was throwing up so bad at work that my back gave way so I couldn’t sit or stand, I had to be taken to a&e or even the time I threw up in front of the lift in my work lobby EMBARRASSING!! Let’s just my 2nd pregnancy wasn’t an easy ride!

3. Can you think of any good things you enjoyed during those 9 months? With both pregnancies I loved the body confidence boost I got. I felt good about myself, I had a glow, dare I say I felt sexy with my bump lol I also enjoyed everyone catering to my needs.

4. In your opinion, were all the things you heard about childbirth accurate or way off? Erm, I’d say a bit of both some true for my 1st and not my 2nd some true for my 2nd but not my 1st. The biggest lie I was told was it gets easier 2nd time around LOL!

5. Would you have handled childbirth differently if you could re-do it? Erm not really because it’s beyond my control both my deliveries were different. I was induced both times. 1st time was really quick to get started then stalled but delivery was calm. 2nd time took ages to start but then went from 0-100 and delivery was super quick but definitely wasn’t calm lol.

6. What would be your advice for someone who is about to have a baby? Take each moment as it comes as much as you can try and plan, there are so many things you cannot predict so just go with the flow and don’t be too hard on yourself there’s no manual for this, we’re all winging it.

7. What has been the hardest thing about being a mum? Having to be the adult lol. I’d say the feeling of being overwhelmed, like you’re not enough and can’t do anything right. Usually caused by lack of sleep especially when the little ones are poorly you just want to take their suffering away.

8. What has been the most rewarding thing about being a mum? Omg there are so many rewarding things, just looking at them and realising that you did that, hitting milestones, seeing them laugh and their hugs and sloppy kisses.

9. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mum? How quick the kids grow up. You always hear people say they grow so fast but you don’t actually realise how fast until you’re in it. They grow up like a flash.

10. What is the best memory you have involving your child? The day Rayan was able to leave NICU I was so happy I cried a little.

11. What was the most exciting milestone? Seeing the take their 1st steps.

12. What is the worst thing your child has ever done? Poured flour into my black clothed sofa!!

13. What habit did you wish your child didn’t have? So my son has these jeans & wellies that he must put on as soon as he wakes up. Literally gets out the bed to put the jeans & wellies on and if we put any other clothes on him like tracksuit bottoms or something he takes it off to put the jeans on. It’s so annoying but we’ve hid the boots now though.

14. What habit of theirs makes you most proud? Naeem is very helpful and I hope he stays that way when he’s older. He’s also really caring towards Rayan.

15. Do you share any similarities with your child (both Physical and Personality)? I’d like to think me & Naeem look alike. What do you think?

16. Where would you like your child to be in 10 years? Excelling at school and forming into a respectful, lovable and outgoing young boy who’s caring.

17. What is something that having a child has taught you? PATIENCE!!! Without patience you can’t be a mother. Some things you just got to laugh or you’ll cry 😂

18. Did you imagine that you’d be a mom at the age that you became a mom? No I actually thought I’d be a young mum and had kids from  like 21.

19. Describe your child in a single sentence? The boys are such characters and very boisterous too.

20. How have you changed as a person since becoming a mum? It’s made me more responsible and more hungry to do better in life because I’m no longer just doing it for myself I’m doing for the kids too.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube

Kind regards,

A Cake through our letterbox !


boys with cake

Where do I start with this amazing product !

We were kindly sent a letter box cake from the lovely company bakerDays the cake received had been especially designed for our Halloween Party and  as so much cake and sweets were eaten that night we shared the cake with the boys the day after, much to their delight after they got out of the bath for their supper to see a surprise cake waiting for them ! It was the perfect end to our celebrations. The we received was 5″ and came in a tin inside a post-box so perfect for sending to someone as a gift or just to make someone’s day ! Who doesn’t love cake ?


The cake we received starts at £14.99 on their website which I have liked here bakerDays Website additional items and changes to the type of cake do affect the price but the website is brilliant and really user-friendly.

The cake arrives in a gorgeous tin ( something that can be reused for all sorts ) I loved this because it meant less packaging and more recycling !

For a 5″ inch we shared it out brilliantly, he boys had a slice with their supper and then some as their dessert the next day and then we also took this too my sisters and me her and my niece shared some more with a cup of tea , and then on to my mums to share a piece with her ! Fabulous right ?

sharing cake.jpg

The cake itself was beautifully made and tasted amazing , My sister makes wedding cakes so she was definitely the person to send it for the taste test and she absolutely loved it ! y little girl penny is almost 8 months old and as you can see from the photo below she enjoyed the cake just as much as the rest of us !


I love that with the amount of choice and designs they offer  any day becomes a day for cake ! They also offer personalised photo balloons to go with the cakes , perfect for all occasions , especially things like first Christmas which is something we’ll be celebrating this year !

A guide to the cake sizes and the ingredients tot he one we received I have included below and also a link to the ingredient page is here bakerDays Ingredient Page

cake descrition .png

(Credit bakerDays )

Overall as a family we thoroughly enjoyed the cake and would rate our cake  10 out of 10 or 1 million out of 10 as our 6-year-old said ! I actually forgot to get a picture of the cake in the tin the boys opened it that quickly and took it out they were so excited !

This cake was sent to us as a gift in exchange for a review. But as always all words descriptions and pictures our own and our own opinions.



We hope you enjoyed reading and hope we have inspired you to pop over to the website and send someone a cake to make their day !

A huge thank you to bakerdays you made the boys day ( and Penny’s !)

You can purcahse a cake direct through their website and you can also find them on 3 social media platforms ( I have linked below )