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Spike The Hedgehog

Today we are going to be sharing with you our vies on Spike the Hedgehog from Learning resources First of all let me tell you who spike is and what his purpose is .

Spike is a product created from the lovely people over at learning resources ( who by the way have a whole range of amazing products for all different age ranges to help your little ones learn ! ) He is designed to help children with their fine motor skills and counting, he is also designed in lovely bright colours as you can see in the pictures which I think is fab for grabbing their attention !

In the Box there is spikes base, top and a set of quills ( which do store inside for handy tidying up !)

Penny is just over 12 months old and the advised range for this toy is 18months+ so I didn’t expect her to fully be able to do the task on her own , but still wanted to give it a try as here is no harm is learning early is there ! We didn’t need to worry anyway as we had her big cousin Sadie on hand to help her put spikes quills into his back !

Penny first of all loved exploring spikes whole body and feeling his different shapes , she then once shown gave a good go at inserting the quills into his back. My niece is 5 and still very much loved his activity too , she really enjoyed showing penny what to do and helping her learn.

So overall I would give this toy 10/10 and would say although it says from 18+ months, go with your gut feeling if you feel your child is ready to try something then absolutely let them and you might b surprised ! the same as don’t put an upper age restriction on what children do as clearly at 5 year old with already brilliant fine motor skills she still enjoyed helped her baby cousin learn ! It was a great activity for bringing older and younger children together .

I have inserted a clip from the Learning resource website below showing Spike and his price along with some of the under 2 range as there are some brilliant options ( and many more not shown here )

Photo credit

This product was Gifted to u in exchange for a honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own .

Thanks as always for taking the time to read our review!




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