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Stems review for Learning Resources .

Hi guys and welcome back to our blog thank you so much for clicking !

Today I’m going to be letting you know our thoughts on the product “stems” that we were kindly sent by the lovey people over at Learning Resources.

The packaging says ideal for age 5 years and over and my niece is 6 so I thought she’d love these!

When she first opened them and we got them out of the reusable tub which by the way is fab for keeping them tidy! They were a little stiff and both she and I found them difficult to join together which at 6 made her very frustrated, however after a few times of getting them out and she didn’t give up! They soon became much easier to connect together and play with to her hearts content!

Her and my sister got out the instructions and there was a few different design ideas to try and create, making the man and the ball she really enjoyed however the big ball uses every single piece and we all know how children love to loose that 1 piece ! So if this happens it can’t be made.

They were a really good toy for Sadie to play with around my daughter Penny who is a year this week! Penny couldn’t choke on them and was of course always supervised but Sadie really enjoyed showing her what she was doing and how to make things!

Overall I would say once getting into this toy and spending time together playing they can be a great activity for children and definitely helps with fine motor skills!

A set of these stems will cost you £25 and can be found on the Learning Resources website along with another fabulous range of toys for helping your little ones grin develop!

Learning resources gifted us this product in exchange for a review.

All words and pictures are my own.

Thank you for taking the time to read




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