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Has the Whisbird helped us ?

Hi guys and welcome back !

Today’s review I will be sharing with you all our experience of using our Whisbird from Whisbear.

I won’t bore you all with what we’ve been up to over the festive period ( I’ll keep that for another day) and get straight into what we thought.

So we have been extremely lucky with Penny from being born she was a good sleeper and always went 3/4 hours for a feed and then at 7 weeks started sleeping through 7pm-7am which I’m not going to lie has been fabulous and I am fully aware we probably won’t ever get another baby that good!

So when Penny became poorly a few months ago with the usual cold teething issues etc, her routine at bedtime kind of went out of the window , I started cuddling her to sleep and only putting her down once asleep (which was something we’d never done she is super good at self settling ) we had a weekend away and again routine went out of the window. Once she was all back to her normal self , I completely naively expected her to just go back to how she was ! And oh how wrong I was ! I started to place her in her cot as I always had done and she screamed as if scared , started to wake in the night for a feed ,I was totally lost ! Nothing we did seemed to work!

When the opportunity arose to test the Whisbird I was delighted!

It arrived in a lovely box and also has a strap to attach it to the Pram ,Cot etc , it’s fairly small in size so perfect for travelling and days out. It comes in 4 colours, light blue,turquoise,pink and red, we went for Red which I love. It requires 3 AAA batteries and it’s ready to go!

The whisbird plays punk noise which is much better than white noise as it is gentler. It is machine washable once you remove the noise device inside. Which as a mum you’ll know is a must! And it also doubles as a sensory toy ! Penny has loved the crinkly wings!

So… did it go I hear you asking.? Does she sleep or is it another one that doesn’t help ?

I can happily tell you It is amazing!!! From the first night having the Whisbird in her cot she has gone back to self settling and sleeping though ! I absolutely adore everything about the product, the look,the feel,the noise it makes everything !

At £29.99 it is a perfect price for a gift for anyone that is expecting! They won’t know how to thank you!

The Whisbird was gifted to me in exchange for a review but all words and opinions are based on. My own use of the product and not influenced in anyway.

Thank you so much for reading !




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