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A plane and a Baby ….

Hello and welcome to my blog about going abroad with a baby , before we booked I was super excited looking for somewhere, somewhere amazing for or first time abroad as a family of 3 but soon after looking into it I found myself researching things for a holiday that had never been an issue before, my biggest search became around time zones and the time change we’d have , Penny is such a good sleeper and has been since  weeks (12 hours a night with the help of her Ewan the Dream sheep ) and we didn’t want to knock her out of this routine too much ,I soon found out that the canary islands had no time difference which straight away made it a best seller to us!us 3

Having already been to Lanzarote as a couple we decided to look at Fuerteventura as many people had recommended to us that it was family orientated. After searching travel sites for a few days , as you do !  We chose Oasis Papaygo Hotel   in Corralejo , we booked a Jet2 Holiday Package the package included a 1 bed room apartment self catering  ( they have the option for all-inclusive )and access to the Fuerteventura Main water park for the whole week. The hotel was fab , 3 swimming pools, one a large family one with fountains and plenty of sun beds, one large pool for people wanting to swim lengths and locals had swimming lessons in , and one quite big children’s pool. The children’s pool was our favourite as was only about 30 cm deep and we had taken Penny’s Zoggs swim float which was brilliant for her as then it was if she was in a baby walker but in the pool so she pushed herself round quite happily ! Covered in sun cream and a sun safe suit and hat of course !!IMG_1538


The plane journey we had left the UK at 3pm mid afternoon which was perfect for us as Penny would be due a bottle on take off , and she did and fell asleep , she loved the plane journey ! Coming back we left at 9pm and arrived in the UK at 1am which again she was absolutely amazing , she had her bedtime bottle in the airport and hen fell asleep as we took off and woke up around 30 minutes before landing !

A helpful hint we found out at the airport as we checked in they told us if the flight isn’t full when you go abroad and you have a child under 2 ( who doesn’t usually get their own seat ) you can pay £22 and they give you an extra seat as long as there are spare ! so w had 3 seats on both flights which made things so much easier as penny just slept n the chair in between us !

When packing and planning for holiday I got a little excited as to what to take for penny, she had around 10 nighttime outfits cute dresses , rompers etc and then 14 pairs of shorts and 14 tops, Numerous baby grows and vests !This was my biggest mistake as on a night she lived in a little strappy vest and nappy snuggled into a muslin from IMG_0939.jpgHappeahome ( find them on Instagram) and during the day a pair of shorts and t-shirt so we didn’t even need half of what I packed ! For anyone planning a break away I would definitely recommend the vest we had from Sainsburys Vest

During the day penny seemed to have 1 extra nap compared to home I think because of the heat and walking a lot more than home in her pram. Before we went I was concerned that she had never took to drinking water or juice and worried in the heat how I would keep her hydrated, this has been mentioned to me by a few people and once we arrived after the first few hours she just adapted and all of sudden started drinking almost 1 full bottle of very weak baby juice every day, I did give her this in a juice cu with a bottle teat on to make sure she was able to get as much as she needed with not being very confident with a sippy cup top yet . Since coming home has gone right off it again ! Far too clever !

Overall on this holiday we couldn’t have had a better baby, she enjoyed walks the sea, the pool, chilling in the apartment, out for meals and getting lots of attention, we would go out on an  evening just before her bedtime bottle so she would have that sat with us then fall asleep in her pram and we would just lift her in to bed when we got back! I think the thing she enjoyed most about our week away was having daddy off for a whole week , and so did I ! IMG_1410.jpg

Going again my list of must haves for penny

  • 1 pack of 48 nappies
  • 3 packs baby wipes
  • 10 /maybe 12 vests
  • 1-2 baby grows just in case of unexpected cold days.
  • Shorts and shirts or rompers enough for 1 a day
  • 4-5 bottles as I sterilised and prepped the next days every night
  • Mam juice cup with bottle teat mam juice cup
  • Ella’s kitchen pouches ( although they were stocked in Fuerteventura )
  • 1 tub of baby milk ( always make bottles with bottled water )
  • Nivea waterproof factor 50 suncream
  • Zoggs baby float seat
  • 10 large muslin swaddles,we used them for everything !!
  • Pram ( which you keep right until you board plane )
  • Microwave travel steriliser we had the  Nuby microwave steriliser

Thank you for reading our post and I would love to hear what your holiday must haves are for your babies so I can be more prepared next time and hopefully this will help others going on their first holiday with a baby!!

Also remember guys you need to pack nappies or milk in your case and waste luggage space as you can Pre order and collect in bots once your through security !







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