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Babease – Food for babies review !

Welcome to our first baby food product review , we were kindly sent a gorgeous box of different Babease  pouches for Penny to try, and we were absolutely over the moon to get these and give them a go as up until then Penny was refusing vegetables, she was enjoy finger food snacks , yogurt, fruit but seemed to know when we gave her vegetables , these babies are far too clever sometimes don’t you think ?

Can i just eat the bowl aswel please mummy ?


We received 5 different flavours of their pouches and we tried them over a week , I can say honestly that penny totally loved all 5! Her favourite was the sweet potato and pear in coconut water which we took with us to her daddy’s birthday meal and her big cousin helped to feed her , because she loved it so much meant there was minimal mess in the restaurant , always a winner right ?


The message that came with their products said they are ” food for babies not baby food ” which really stuck with me and made me think that what i was giving penny was really enjoyable and i think she definitely agreed! You can purchase this range of baby food products at Tesco, Boots, Ocado and Amazon so a great range of stockists ! I have since been out and bought more of these for penny, and they will most certainly be packed in our suitcase for holidays , who wouldn’t love coconut water in the sun !

She couldnt wait to get started on this one !


Half way through , Yum Yum!

The range we have tried is the pouches from 6 months ( no earlier than 4 months ), so from next month we will certainly be trying the next stage pouches and will get back to you with how they go down !

We really enjoyed trying out these pouches and they have definately made vegetable eating life much easier with our baby so thank you !

Please leave a comment below if your little one has tried these pouches and what you thought of them ?

Thank you for reading.

Jessica and Penny








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